Montag, 31. März 2014

Winter returns.

It's been a strange winter in these parts, like in many. It was unusually warm and there was unusually little snow in half of the Alps, while the other half got buried. We were mostly on the non-buried side. Nonetheless, there were good days in between the groomer cruising and january slush. Last week it snowed for the first time in over a month. Before, march felt like june. After, it felt like winter again. After a few days that were pretty much the best of the season we are back to breakable not quite corn and wind crusts and I don't want to be productive, so here is music and some pictures.

March went out with a bang. It snowed, and then the sun came out. We played.


AL 23.3.14




Lorenzo's pics




Disco Sun




And a couple very pretty ones that Marius took of me.


Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

The Ides of March

Familiar hills with Team Sweden.



What the sun didn't get to, the wind did. Makes for variable skiing and unseasonal Aprés tanktops.

Whoops, glide cracks everywhere.

JGK 13.3.14

A rare visitor stopped by and we tried to find him some snow. Lorenzo's binding tore out during the first five minutes of the day so he left us to it. Manu and I ran up in the heat, did some more variable skiing and then spent an hour rehydrating at Kemater Alm.

Doesn't this usually look better this time of year?

Schafkogel 14.3.14

Next attempt to entertain our visitor: Lorenzo approaches the summit, enjoying something of a breeze.

Manu was impressed with the cross.



Yet another variable descent.



Wilder Pfaff 15.3.14

The snowline proved a little too far away from the trailhead we originally planned to use, so we went exploring and ended up following two quick gentlemen in tights up some other valley.

Babsi figures this feels more like June than March.

The Sahara in Tyrol.

Up and up

Nice backdrop.

After having lunch in Italy we enjoyed some more variability...

Pflerscher Schartl 19.3.14